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New house…gardening questions.?

Question by Nick: New house…gardening questions.? We have recently purchased a new house, but due to city requirements, it must meet specific things (safety and such) before we move in. The wood and pest inspection noticed that there was an issue with one of the bedrooms. The subflooring was rotting. He told us it was […]

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Q&A: how do you make a pond??

Question by Tanya T: how do you make a pond?? i want to make a smallish, cleap pond in my garden for frogs/newts etc. i don’t want to have to buy filters and aeration and liners and stuff. i was just wondering is you could use old compost bags or carrier bags and just basically […]

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Q&A: What are good fish for a small, outdoor pond?

Question by AEG: What are good fish for a small, outdoor pond? I recently bought a 120-125 gallon pond for my garden (this pond: ) I would like to put fish in it, thought I am hesitant to go with koi, though I’d like to, since it is small and I’ve heard that koi […]

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Q&A: Building a pond?

Question by Germ: Building a pond? what things do u need to build a pond with lyner. im planning to make it at least 3 1/2 feet deep & 12 ftlong. its gona be and addition to my 250 gallon pond dat i have now. Best answer: Answer by Kokogo to and you can […]

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Q&A: Out Door Pond?

Question by beachgirl111982: Out Door Pond? I want to put in an out door pond. I would like to have apond thats smaller than 20 feet. I want to put in a flower garden around it. I have checked ebay and a few other places online but I can not find anything smaller then 30feet. […]

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Help with my pond?

Question by Cowboy: Help with my pond? What would I need to make a pond? and help installing it and what will this cost with Fish and Installation? Best answer: Answer by DenieThis is how we got our pond: We found one of those people or companies that want dirt. They dug our pond for […]

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Will frogs live in a pond that has a running filtration system in it?

Question by Amanda: Will frogs live in a pond that has a running filtration system in it? I recently moved and at my new house there is a little, man made garden pond with frogs in it. But there is no filter so it is just stagnant water. I really want to put a running […]

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Filling a pond with tap water?

Question by butkus: Filling a pond with tap water? I have pumped most of the water from my 15′ round, 2′ deep pond to clean debris from the bottom. Can I refill using a garden hose from the house tap or will the chlorine kill the fish and frogs? Is there a chemical I can […]

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