A Garden Pond is Easier to Build Than You Think

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What are some things to think about when you are building a garden pond for your yard?

First, the pond should be easily accessible to a water supply to top it off during the summer. If you are using a waterfall or fountain electricity will need to be connected and the distance will be a consideration. Safety needs to be a major concern as well, especially when it comes to children. Water draws children and this can be a danger. For this reason and because you will want to spend a lot of time looking at your garden it should be located where it can be easily seen from the house. Always have the area you decide to dig for your pond checked for existing pipes, power lines, bedrock and septic tanks.

The larger you build your garden pond the easier it will be to maintain the balance within the pond. The smallest you can build a pond is 32 square feet. The depth of the pond only needs to be 18 to 24 inches unless you plan to use Koi carp which need at least 30 inches.

If you plan to use a flexible pond liner it is best to keep the design as simple as possible because too many turns and curves mean unattractive folds and the pump will have a hard time circulating the water if it is too complicated in design.

The further away from the house the less formal it needs to be. Lay a hose or a rope on the ground to get a good idea of how big the pond will be and how the shape you want will look. The best idea is to make a sketch of the garden to see how it will potentially fit with the rest of your garden and yard. You might take a picture of the yard and then cut out a shape of your garden pond from a piece of paper and lay it over the photo to get a better idea before you start your project. By


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