Any suggestions for attracting toads to my garden?

| January 24, 2014 | 5 Comments

Question by Emily: Any suggestions for attracting toads to my garden?
I’ve gotten a few books on wildlife-friendly gardening and have implemented the suggestions with much success. However, the books hardly mention toads at all. I know I have at least one toad that roams around my garden, but I want to make a more suitable environment to attract more. I live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan so Bufo Americanus is the one I’m trying to attract. Any suggestions, no matter how small, are appreciated :)

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Answer by vinny
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  1. arcticwolf71960 says:

    I don’t know why you would want to attract toads (I personally find them repulsive), but you may find this helpful:

  2. Larry B says:

    It has always been my impression, having had two older sisters and one younger, that females had no problem attracting toads.

  3. dali333 says:

    i have a toadhouse in my garden. to be honest, im not sure it making any difference, but it sure is cute!

  4. easttexashorticulturalservices says:

    You have to make available several things: water(as simple as a bowl), a safe place for them to hide and live (an upturned clay pot works just as well as anything, with a hole cut out on the lip), and an environment where they have food. That means leaving the insects alone, since that is a food source. It helps to have shrubbery for them to hide in and find food in safety. I have 4 acres and a pond and have toads/ frogs everywhere, most times in the swimming pool! Develop your landscape as much as you can with shrubbery and cover and I think you will see more toads along with more wildlife.

  5. mr.obvious says:

    You will need shade shelter and water, they like wet leaves moist soil type conditions plus and place to hide. low growth ground cover, stones and so on, plus it will help if you get some kids to catch some for you. they lay eggs in the spring they may need some help with water for a few weeks, such as a flat covers water container to lay eggs in, but will keep the birds out. basically where mosquito’s will grow(like you need more of them) have fun!

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