Are there any chances of me getting frogs in my garden?

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Question by flyingboard: Are there any chances of me getting frogs in my garden?
So first I made made a hole that was about 1 metre deep and 1 metre in area but now I’ve covered most of it because my parents said I wasn’t alowed to make a pond for frogs for hygiene reasons etc.So now if I just completely cover it however, plant lots of floweres,vegetable etc and make sure the soil is fertile, will I have any chance of seeing any frogs in my garden??
from Birmingham City England
I know they will not breed in my garden because you need a pond

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Answer by Jo Ann
You will not have bull frogs in your vegetable garden because their skin needs to be moist. A hand built pond with vegetation such as water lillies attract frogs because insects come for water and this is food for them. A vegetable garden needs toad frogs and they eat insects and are good for your garden. Jo Ann

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  1. pondlady says:

    You will probably get toads, but not frogs. They need water. But ponds are great for toads and certainly are hygienic. Show this to your parents:

    Ponds are great for gardens, but a pond can’t be just a hole in the ground.

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