Backyard aquaponics: DIY system to farm fish with vegetables

| March 21, 2013 | 24 Comments

Rob Torcellini bought a 0 greenhouse kit to grow more vegetables in his backyard. Then he added fish to get rid of a mosquito problem and before long he w…


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  1. jmpmcd says:

    please check out some proper grow lights for your indoor set up,you will see much better growth.

  2. bodhisattva99 says:

    how do you run the pumps? 

  3. Josh Martinez says:

    goldfish can get huge, they are from the carp family, i got a goldfish from the fair and the sucker got so big i had to put him in my pond, he grew to be about 8 inches long till i moved

  4. ronisworld1 says:

    kinda high tech, not dat applicable…..

  5. Taurus2Go says:

    Thx, gonna give it a try this year here in No. Va. Will update. Really like the conept and results.

  6. leoelliondeux says:

    Is it just me or does he kind of look like a young, bald, John Malkovich?

  7. Itradebetfair says:

    I hope a goldfish has a short term memory. Doesnt seem like that much fun swimming around in a box.

  8. RichyJam2011 says:

    Will the fish eventually out grow the tank?

  9. tomforron1 says:

    What is under the granite chips. I am assuming you are not using any dirt

  10. SalubeXify says:

    nice set up, and holy god thats a fat fish 😀

  11. MrPuma117 says:

    absolutely loved this video …. really good infomation from Rob Torcellini

  12. obeyance says:

    Hydroponics yeild more and larger produce than soil does… at a faster rate. There are many types of hydroponics, aquaponics is just one of them. You also have Deep Water Culture, Aeroponics, Peeponics and a slough of other methods.

    With Aquaponics, adding a solar panel and battery bank to keep the pumps going would minimize footprint even more. Wouldnt need much as those pumps dont use much electricity. And 5$ a month for fish food is not a worry when you think about the food you get from it.

  13. Eric Holmes says:

    food grade hydrogen peroxide at 1% spray will do some pest and fungus control and not harm the fish.

    very nice greenhouse

    I want to try an Indore vertical grow like you have but with blueberries they don’t need much sun

  14. Marcel Lenormand says:

    Very nice. My kind of (lazy) setup!

  15. L2design says:

    GREAT JOB!!!!!!

  16. evgenia says:

    Its not about the space,its about biological cost for the food his family is eating;today everything depends on an aggressive industry system…if everyone had a simple system-a pot where they growing their own tomatoes,industries will go down and you can be sure of eating clean food without any chemical “punch” fertilizers. He uses a good idea of using fish poo… good for him, He replaces stones that never need to be replaced;soil does need replacement every three-five years.

  17. Bob Glastron says:

    Awesome! I’m building a greenhouse now and am motivated by your video and others like it!! Thanks for making it.

  18. Grim Jim says:

    Swell idea until the power cuts out, then what?

  19. Robin Veloz Veloz says:

    You can live on this right?

  20. Levi McDowall says:

    Just realized that this is not the original vid but if anyone cares, a small charcoal filter really pops that purple, also depends on the quality of your light because that light looked like it was an incandescent. There are some really awesome light spectrum for aquariums and I only figured that out after I started growing the aquatic plants.

  21. Levi McDowall says:

    I make a similar system to filter a 55gal tank. I siphon to a 10gal under my stand and pump it back. I put some cory cats and shrimp, plus some aquatic plants in my 10 gal. I can’t put them up top because I have cichlids. My water is so clear it looks like its blue or purple. Try it and thank you so much for the detail on this vid. My next project.

  22. myfz6 says:

    awesome. I wish i could do this. Wow

  23. William Smith says:

    you can use tilapia, trout, perch, catfish

  24. Tom Bassford says:

    i love this guy!

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