Build A Garden Pond In Your Garden

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Planing building a garden pond? Don’t know how to start? What kind of material to use?
Here is a simple and fast guide that can provide you all the answers, so you can start right away.

Decide the type of garden pond construction
Depending on the purpose, you should decide how deep and how big your garden pond would be. This is a critical decision to make since you cannot simply change the size and depth of your garden pond the moment it is finished.

To determine the size, shape, and depth of your pond consider the number and the kind of marine life and aquatic plant you will put in. You may want to read specific articles that instruct you the right size of pond for a particular fish.

Select your location.
Garden pond can improve the beauty of your garden and at the same time, can attract different birds and butterflies. To enjoy these two, you should select a location close to your home. It is important that the garden pond must be placed away from direction of rainwater run-off. Keep your pond away from trees.

Mark the area of the garden pond
Once you have decided what type of pond to construct and where to place it, now is the perfect time to get your tools ready and start heading to the location. First, mark the area of the garden pond with either a rope or a hose. Do not restrict yourself with the design. You can freely change the shape of your garden pond if necessary.

Start Digging!
Do not start at the center of the pond. Instead, start at one side and make progress from there. According to your design, you should make slopes. The rule: whatever the shape of your pond is, make sure that the perimeter has the same shallow depth (1 foot). Call for help if you must.

Prepare the surface
Before laying down the garden pond liner, make sure that the surface is smooth to prevent future damage. Remove any sharp object that you can see. To further ensure that the liner will not be damaged, create an underlay. It could be sand, bubble wrap, newspapers, old blankets, old carpet, or any material strong enough to protect your garden pond layer.

Lay the garden pond liner
It is easy to lay the garden pond liner if someone is helping you just make sure that the liner is properly tucked and carefully laid. There are commercially available garden pond liners but you can always improvise to make the cost low. You can use an old water-bed liner, cheap shower curtain, and your old swimming pool liner.

Build a Garden Pond Waterfall
If you want to accentuate or add an ambiance to your garden pond, you can place garden pond pump. This is also beneficial to marine life and water plants. Hide your water pump with rocks.

Fill the pond with water
While filling the pond with water, pull the edges of the lining making sure that the lining is neatly contoured. Keep the lining pulled until the pond is filled.

Put all the aesthetics
Add pebbles, rocks, and everything you got to make your pond look beautiful. Trim and tuck in underneath the rocks and soil the excess lining. Add marine life and aquatic plants. By


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