Build Your Own Wildlife Pond

| April 10, 2013 | 5 Comments

A Brief Tour Of Our Home Made Wildlife Pond And Stream with a few tips on how to build your own wildlife pond. If you’d like even more information about gard…


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  1. mintrev says:


  2. jack ashley says:

    hello i love your video i is ur wildlife pon have a clay bottem or liner and where ur plants are on the side did u make that a differnt shelf and have you had frogspawn yet im planing on building a nother pond

  3. bladeAREbeast says:

    You should make more vids :)

  4. TheRuralGardener says:

    Hi, I’ve added a link to the ‘How To’ post in the description. Hope this helps.

  5. ZoomingHobbies says:

    Well how do you build it then?

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