Building A Water Fall

| August 25, 2012 | 7 Comments

My Father Builds A Waterfall For My Mother – on Mothers Day 2009
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  1. meleahrebeccah says:

    so is your face!!

  2. djvdwolf says:

    its a nice vid but it should be called how to build a rock pile that leaks water XD

  3. Yocara says:

    Nice video dude

  4. meleahrebeccah says:

    so’s your face

  5. luvazyan says:

    The music is really annoying.

  6. visimagery2 says:

    Your Dad is so cute! I have been wanting to build a small waterfall, and this is a great idea. How did your Dad set it up for water circulation. I did not see a pump.

    Thank you!!

  7. carljh58 says:

    VERY nice video!
    Such a sweet scene from life.
    Thanks for sharing your blessings!

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