Can Bala Sharks live in a garden pond?

| July 20, 2012 | 2 Comments

Question by blademaster2444: Can Bala Sharks live in a garden pond?
i have a pair of Bala Sharks that are getting real big and was wondering if the Sharks could live in my garden pond

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Answer by CHEF
they should be able to

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  1. Venice Girl says:

    If you kept it heated to between 72-80 degrees F and kept the water quality good, with driftwood, rocks, and spots of dense vegetation, I’m sure they could. They would not survive in a winter situation though and I doubt you could find a heater that could keep the water warm enough throughout the winter, but if you could, I think you could keep them in a pond.

  2. water lover says:

    I think they may be okay. Their natural habitat is in large to medium lakes and rivers about mid depth. They eat phytoplankton, insects, insect larvae (which I’m sure would be in your pond) and a few other things. As long as you can somewhat regulate, or think the temperature is about the same, and that oxygen will not be a problem, I would think it’s possible. Just to be safe, get a water testing kit (can get from wal-mart in the fish section even) and test pH and alkalinity to compare between systems. You want your pond to have a fairly high alkalinity. This is the buffering capacity against pH changes. So a high value would mean that it’s hard for something to affect or alter pH in that system (pond). You don’t want the pH in your pond to get below 5. Also make sure they have places to hide in your pond. You can use PVC pipes or old cinder blocks. Use bags to float them in the water for about 10 minutes so that temperatures in the bags will gradually become the same as the pond. When moving them into a completely different system, you don’t them to go into shock or for their organs to. Their metabolism is affected by water temp. so imagine what a drastic change away from optimal levels would do. Good luck.

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