Can I build a pond in my back yard using my sump pump water?

| June 28, 2013 | 3 Comments

Question by Knowitall: Can I build a pond in my back yard using my sump pump water?
My sump pump runs often evern when it hasn’t rained. I’ve seen lots of people dig out small springs to make ponds and I’m thinking the water from my sump might work as a substitute. I want a pond that’s a little bigger than the ones they sell liners for at the home improvement stores.

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Answer by Clownalex
First of you need to determine the pH of your water after aeration and what form of life or organism it is suited for or is able to sustain. (fish, plants, etc.) most underground water sources would do fine once De-gassed (aerated).

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  1. Ice says:

    You would be able to but I am not sure you would want a pond full of that water. It may get kind of smelly and if there is no flow then it will become a hotbed for mosquitoes and a bad smell. As you said though, you would have to build it yourself.

  2. pondlady says:

    I would not do that. Sounds as if your pump is in the lowest part of your yard and that is rarely the best place to build a pond. I think I would build a bog garden, use the water and make the area pretty that way. Here’s how:

  3. Delcho Boychev says:

    I am not sure to be honest.

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