Can i feed my loaches (zebra&clowns) snails I found in my garden?

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Question by Twelve: Can i feed my loaches (zebra&clowns) snails I found in my garden?
I read somewhere you could feed them live garden snails, they haven’t been in contact with any pesticides or chemicals. I have some slugs too.
So I just want to know for sure before I put them in, can you feed outdoor snails to loaches?

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Answer by Fish & Reptiles <3
i would definately not suggest it, they will eat the bits of rubbish on the bottom of the tank and will eat a few pond snails if they are there, but do not put pond snails in for them as they will reproduce like absolute mad as they are asexual they will reproduce on their own as well, so be careful or your tank will be overrun, you can feed them normal fish food but you will need to push it down a bit as they cannot eat it from the top of the water due to their mouths being on the bottom side of them, you also do not know what the snails could have picked up in your garden so i would not reccomend this.
Good luck, Drmarsh.

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  1. ASHWIN G says:

    you can feed them FLAKES,PELLETS,TABLETS

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