Can I make a floating garden for my fish pond from styrofoam?

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Question by Janie333: Can I make a floating garden for my fish pond from styrofoam?
Can I make a floating garden from styrofoam for my fish pond ?. Can I spray paint it w/ black non- toxic paint? What kind of soil — if any–can I put in the pot?

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Answer by maggie rose
It may get a bit heavy when you put soil in it, but worth a try….I would be very careful with paint though, I know here in Australia there is a pond paint than can be painted over concrete ponds so I’m sure you would have something wherever you are too. Test it first though, as it may dissolve or melt styrofoam.
Sounds like a very interesting idea, and could look really good……..

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  1. magicman116 says:

    Sure you can, no problem at all. I wouldn’t spray paint it personally, I would use swimming pool paint or marine epoxy paint. Those will stand up to the water far better and once dry are sure not to leach into the water.

    For soil, I would only use artificial soils, nothing with any fertilizer at all. Take care to use appropriate plants depending on how deep into the water the pot will actually sit. If it hangs deep you will want bog plants, but if it barely touches the water terrestrial plants will do nicely.


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