Can I portion off part of a preformed pond as a bog garden?

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Question by ChemFlunky: Can I portion off part of a preformed pond as a bog garden?
I’m considering installing a fairly small pond in my back yard. I’m likely to get a preformed pond liner (maybe 3’x5′ or so, it depends on what I can find for cheap).

But I’d like part (1/3 or less) of the pond to be a bog garden. Partly to give me more plant options, partly to act as kind of a biological filter.

I’d prefer to have the dirt/dirt substitute fill the entire area, rather than just have things in pots (that gives me more options, I think). But I’m not sure if it’s practical, or if it is, how to go about it.

My thought is to get some kind of water-permeable sheeting or fabric, glue and/or silicone seal it (with aquarium-safe silicone) to the side of the pond across the area I want to portion off, then fill the portioned-off area with either dirt (quite possibly some of the dirt I dug out to put the pond in), gravel/marbles/rocks/etc, or something like perlite or vermiculite. Or I could try that polymer gel or something. (if it makes a difference, I live in Arizona, and the dirt around here is generally mineral-rich, very alkaline, and possibly a bit salty)

So, my questions are:
Is there something entirely unworkable about the whole idea?
What should I use for the barrier between the pond and the bog?
How should I attach the barrier to the pond liner?
What should I use as dirt or a dirt substitute?
Would F-26 be water-durable and fish-safe?

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Answer by LeftyC
The only thing I can help you with is how to attach the barrier to the pond wall. Crimp flaps in the barrier and use F-26 to glue it to the sides of pond liner. (F-26 is the strongest all-purpose adhesive on the market and your local hardware store will have it in stock)

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    IF it can be done, pondlady will know how. Try her site:

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