Can I put three common goldfish in a pond in Michigan?

| December 3, 2013 | 4 Comments

Question by FuzzyMonster: Can I put three common goldfish in a pond in Michigan?
I live in lower Michigan. Temps can get as low as -5 F in the winter. Pond is about 5 ft deep.
Hey John!
Hopefully you read this.
After consideration, I would never put my fish in a pond. I love them too much and would hate for them to get eaten. I am going out next week and buying them a big tank. Thanks to all for the help!!
Even though they may well make it in a pond, I don’t want to risk it. Again, thanks for the help and they will be in a big tank by next week.

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Answer by Keith O
They will be eaten by predators before winter.

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  1. Bill M says:

    Is this a home pond, or a natural one. If the latter is true, then no. Not only will you never see the fish again, but more than likely will they be eaten or die due to the conditions of the lake…..

  2. misty19492000 says:

    Goldfish can survive cold water – even if it freezes.

  3. John says:

    Hello again! Several people on my Goldfish forum have had pond losses due to repeated predation & this is despite both defensive & aggressive attempts to combat these attacks. I don’t have a garden but if I did, knowing what I know now I would never keep my much loved fish outdoors-even though it probably is better for them in the long run. Go with the biggest tank you can manage & they will be fine……….& safe!!

    Hello again-yes, I saw your update. Very good news about the large tank, your fish will be very happy!

  4. magicman116 says:

    5 feet is deep enough for them to escape most any predator and is also deep enough to prevent freezing to the bottom during normal winters in your area. The pond should be good home for the fish.


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