Can I use a pool filter and pump for a water garden?

| September 6, 2013 | 2 Comments

Question by hematitewitch: Can I use a pool filter and pump for a water garden?
I have an old above ground pool pump and want to use it as a water garden pump can this be done?

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Answer by ticketoride04
its not necessary to filter water for gardens, plants live off many different items in the wild and need no filtering unless your putting carp in also.

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  1. EmpressGrey says:

    Nope. It’s too strong and it may have oipenings wide enough to suck in and kill your fish.

  2. allisoneast says:

    You can buy a cage or build one out of wire fabric to encase the intake if it’s too big for your fish. Also you can change the size of the intake hose. Check in the plumbing/irrigation area of Home Depot. There is no reason not to use a pump you already have. Just take the precautions for your fish’s sake.

    You might want to consider purchasing a separate UV light system to limit the alge growth.

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