Can I use my Sump Pump for a pond?

| September 24, 2013 | 2 Comments

Question by Eric F: Can I use my Sump Pump for a pond?
Well, I have a sump pump because thier is an small underground river under my house. The pump pumps water outside through a tube and it iot just gets the lawn all wet. Could I dig a pond and lead the tube into the pond? I may want o put fish in it, the pumps goes off every 5 minutes.

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Answer by myke_cyndy
no u can not use that . they make spacial pumps for ponds also u need a filtering system also to keep the water clean for fish u want top put in also it is best to contact pro on this to make sure u r doing it .

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  1. keithsteer1 says:

    you could use it to fill the pond, but what happens when the pond is full, same problem. and you will still need a pond pump/filter, that will clean and oxygenate the water in the pond or the fish will die. fish breathe oxygen just like you, their gills extract it from the water.

  2. pondlady says:

    As far as using that water for pond water, I would not because you have no idea what is in it. Use tap water for your pond. And if it is chlorinated, use a dechlorinator in it.
    Build a bog garden where your lawn gets wet. Here’s how:

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