can red ear sliders swim to the top of a garden pond and climb out?

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Question by Shannon: can red ear sliders swim to the top of a garden pond and climb out?
i have 2 sidders in a garden pond and am wondering if they can swim to the top and climb out
I don’t think my husband explained this very well. We have an inside pond with a basketing area around it. Now I have additional question that would go along with this. We als have a fish tank. Could we put our fish inside the pond with the turtles? Also in the fish tank is a mini elbino(spelled wrong) frog, would that along with the fish be ok in the pond with the turtles?

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Answer by madsnakeman
Probably. If they can reach the top, they can get out.

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  1. iluvtorofl says:

    Probably. It depends on the sides of th pond.

  2. Adam says:

    You need a basking area for the sliders to get out of the water and dry themselves out on. Get a floating dock from zoomed or make your own, otherwise they will eventually drown.

    You need to design the pond so that they can get out of the water, but not out of the pond. It’s all about layout and design. However, ponds need to be protected from predators with a screen since turtles will spend alot of time out of the water.

    Unless you live in a warm place that is never cold, they need to be brought in for the winter in which you need to replicate lighting with two light fixtures and a uvb bulb and heat bulb.

  3. sawlmw2003 says:

    Yes. How high is the edge of your pond? It shouldn’t be a problem if you put a shart rock wall up, but if they are kept in the pond, make sure they have a rock or something to climb on and sun themselves.

  4. mups mom says:

    yep, mine throws himself out of his feeding dish when he feels he has been in there long enough. for the longest time we thought the kids were letting him out ….when they left for college we actually saw the turtle do it.

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