Filling a pond with tap water?

| February 4, 2014 | 2 Comments

Question by butkus: Filling a pond with tap water?
I have pumped most of the water from my 15′ round, 2′ deep pond to clean debris from the bottom. Can I refill using a garden hose from the house tap or will the chlorine kill the fish and frogs? Is there a chemical I can add to conteract any negative effects of using tap water? Would it be better if I just did a slow fill from ther tap. I appreciate any good advive. Thanks

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Answer by Fi l-qamar
Maybe it is better to refill the pond with water pumped from a river, hoping there is no chemical industry around. Personally, I highly disadvise you to use Loire water near Nantes, in France, for example, where the fishes crawl on the back. But if you can find a couple of jerrycans and an enchanted river, I suppose that the result would be positive, wouldn’t it?

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  1. magicman116 says:

    You can fill it from the hose. There are dechlorinating solutions from any pet store that will take care of the chlorine for you. I would suggest looking in the pond supply area for the more concentrated version of the dechlorinator, it will save you money and hassle in the long run.

    You could also fill very slowly from the hose allowing the water to spray into the air as it goes into the pond, but is the pond is mostly enpty it would take a day or so to safely refill it this way.

    I would suggest that you NOT use water from any source that contains fish such as ponds, creeks of rivers. That will only add diseases or parasites to the pond.


  2. Karen D says:

    i fill my pond with water from tap using the hose. i always use water prep though as takes all chemicals out of water. my fish are all healthy and breed every year too so must be happy with what i’m doing. i get my water prep from local aquatic centre. good luck and i’m sure your fish will be fine.

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