Green stuff floating on pond?

| May 30, 2014 | 3 Comments

Question by gtrgr t: Green stuff floating on pond?
I own a pond in my garden and whenever it’s summer, there’s always this green layer of water floating on the surface of my pond, whenever I try to get rid of this, it occurs again the next day, I was wondering if anyone could help me as to what this thing is and what should i do to remove it?

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Answer by Jesse
Its Called Alge use some barely bags to get rid of it

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  1. Really now says:

    It is algae. Keeping the water circulating will help prevent the formation of some algae.

  2. blondietatt04 says:

    You have algae which is good for certain things like turtles and fish. Maybe do what the others here suggest or you could incorporate some aquatic life into your setting.

  3. yeahright says:

    well, i am studying to be a gardener (not to work, for my own garden) so we just had a lecture about ponds and how to keep them clean. u have to have a filter installed. it is like a small (or if u want big) fountain which keeps water circulating and also cleans it. to increas filter capacity there re some special pebbles – u put them near filter, they absorb all algae and dirt and after a month or smth u change those pebbles, and the pebbles u took out of your pond re the best fertilizer ever – u put it under garden plants. hope i helped

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