Help with my pond?

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Question by Cowboy: Help with my pond?
What would I need to make a pond? and help installing it and what will this cost with Fish and Installation?

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Answer by Denie
This is how we got our pond: We found one of those people or companies that want dirt. They dug our pond for free (for the dirt to resell) We had them leave an island in middle with a palm tree.There was also a Magnolia tree…but we chose the palm tree (we’re in Fl) Then my son built a pretty bridge going from the land to the island. They went fishing and caught fish and put them in the pond to multiply. We also have turtles and ducks. The first years the kids swam in it and we had a canoe…then the water moccasins came and that had to stop. Maybe if you put moth balls around the pond that will keep the snakes out…but it’s too late now for us. There might be other ways to keep them out. Remember, you don’t want kids falling into it. And your pets shouldn’t swim in it after the snakes come. Now we have some trouble…about 20 fish died. I don’t know if there is salmonila in it or if an osprey (big white bird) killed them. I don’t think it was the ducks or the turtles because it just happened while that bird was around. Be careful what you feed the fish or the ducks…you could get salmonila in the pond. Also, you need to find some way to arreate it. We have a little concrete “pool type” thing at the top on the land…and a pump where we pump water (recycled) into the pond. We haven’t done that as much as we should have done it. We had to have a pond dug for the rains that flooded our land (we had to wear boots when it rained hard.) People stop and admire our pond and ducks all the time. I’m worried about the ducks for winter…they can’t fly.Don’t get the kind that don’t fly. Probably wild ducks will come when they see the pond.Good luck.. Have FUN !!!

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  1. cowboydoc says:

    I have two ponds, they’re small, one is eight feet across and about eight wide, the other connecting by a falls, is smaller, about fifteen hundred gallons of water.

    I dug the holes by hand and put in a rubber liner. I sided these with river rock and put in both sand and gravel on the bottoms. I cut and finished a fifteen gallon plastic barrell from Ace Hardware and made it to fit like a waterfall. Used cemented rock all around it for stabability.

    I have spray jets for effect in the center of each and instead of using pond pumps I use sump pumps for the water falls and etc. You’ll have to have an electric source, this can be underground wiring to the house or ? for the pumps, lights etc.

    The kids have brought me Sunfish from the river and Small mouth Bass, crawdads and turtles. I do have to watch for Blue Hurons though. I was raising Coi, they go for ten dollars and inch here, getting ready to sell about three dozen that were twelve to fifteen inches long when two Blue Hurons landed while we were at the store. They ate all the fish.

    Get your plants for the ponds at Wal-Mart or Home Depot, all the stuff can be bought at Wal-Mart.

    Check your codes for zoning and kids, your insurance may make you put up fences and gates. County zones also.
    It could be more of a problem the it’s worth.

    In the winter I use a farm tank heater, the winters here are mild. Keeps a breather hole open.
    We’ve designed a beautiful garden around the ponds with walks and flowers, very nice and peaceful to sit and read ir, just think.

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