How can I attain clear water in my Koi pond?

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Question by ashleya212212: How can I attain clear water in my Koi pond?
I have a 130-gallon garden pond in my back yard. I currently have five Koi living in it that are all approximately 4-inches long. I have a submersible 325-GPH pump with a pre-filter attached. I also have a diverter connected to my pump and from that I have a small fountain and a small waterfall running. Unfortunately, my water continues to get more and more green and I’m beginning to lose sight of my fish. What would be the best technique to solve this problem without harming my fish and without spending too much money?

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Answer by Synacky [Gabey isn’t ugly]
I think you may need a larger filter because of how much water there is.
You are also supposed to change 1/3 of the water ever week or so. I’d let some tap water sit out and all the chemicals will disappear, or just get distilled water and do a water change.
It would probably be good to go to a fish store and talk to someone about the problem and the filter.
Good luck.

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  1. Angie says:

    I also had that problem…not seeing my expensive fish was frustrating. I went to home depot and bought a UV filter that attaches to my pump and it keeps the water clear as a bell. It cost $ 60.00 and worth every penny cause nothing else works. I had pre-filters and post filters, and everything I could think of, including pulling the filters out everyday and cleaning them, but of course it didn’t get the algae out. They also have an expensive model UV filter that provides it’s own pump, but the cheapr one works great. It simply diverts the water to the filter, then the hose brings the water back to the pond. Oh, and there is nothing to clean out except the regular pond pump that you have to clean out anyway. I only do this once a week or so, now tha the water is clear.

  2. Ray L says:

    The green you are seeing is algae growth in your pond. There are thousands of different algae that feed on different nutrients.Warm water temperature and phosphorus and chlorophyll in the water is a main causes of growth. Do a little surfing in finding ways to test and control the algae. When algae dies is will lower the level of oxygen and can harm your fish.

  3. Ramil Dy says:

    you got an algae problem.

    you need a UV light aside from its cost it consume lots of electricity.
    other sollution is to put shade in your pond do more frequent water change.
    or you can clear the algae manually.

    kOi keeper & goldfish keeper

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