How can I prevent rain from roof from harming my garden below?

| April 26, 2013 | 2 Comments

Question by Kat Meow: How can I prevent rain from roof from harming my garden below?
I don’t have a gutter or anything off my roof. It goes directly down to the ground. My new garden is where the house makes an L (rotated right). In the extreme corner, it all comes to a huge downpour which I know can and will kill my plants easily. And all around the other there’s a smaller, but still dangerous run off. I know I could put a rain barrel under the large focused corner, but what about the line down the sides?I would appreciate a cheap method, if possible. Thanks :)

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Answer by CJlove
gutters aren’t extremely expensive. they are you best way to redirect the water. otherwise set the garden farther from the house and not below the run off.

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  1. Jrbott says:

    You could dig a trench where the water hits after it comes off the roof. Somewhere along that trench make another one that goes away from your garden. Slope the first one so that any water in the trench would run to the second trench and enter it. Have that trench sloped such that the water is directed as I said away from your garden. Not toward the house or you will have other problems. Okay, got that project finished. Now lay a strip of plastic or pond liner in the trenches so that the water can’t soak into the ground. Fill the trenches with 1/4 inch smooth stone. Make sure the end of the first trench also blocks the water from soaking in. If you slope the sides of the trenches such that you have a 2=3 foot wide area for catching the water not much should get in your garden. Make the trench a path in the garden. It doesn’t have to be deep, just wide and sloped to catch the water. Cost, would only be your time, stone, and some plastic.

  2. Karen L says:

    All you can do is redirect the water so it doesn’t fall on the garden. I don’t know any way of doing that except gutters. Gutters aren’t that expensive.

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