how deep does a pond have to be to not freeze in kentucky?

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Question by Luke D: how deep does a pond have to be to not freeze in kentucky?
i live at the very bottom of ky and and wanted to have like a bluegill/bass/goldfish pond and i was wondering how deep it needs to be for the winter
i have bluegill and bass with my goldfish in a tank right now and they dont hurt the goldfish so loolea u r rong

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Answer by bugsie
Freezing is freezing any where.
SO, If you get ground freezing, then how deep does it go?
I am guessing not more than an inch or two in Kentucky.
The pond needs to be as deep as your fish need to survive not to worry about freezing solid.
See fish will settle at the bottom of the pond for the winter and go dormant. The only reason to be concerned is in a small garden pond if it freezes solid then they will die so you would keep a small pump running water through it to keep a currant going and to oxygenate the air for the winter.
I think the size of your fish more than the cold is important when considering the depth of the pond.
So my answer is because of the fish involved…. 5 feet at least…bass jump so a net over them is also important to keep them in the pond.

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  1. Loollea says:

    at least 24″ deep, a little deeper if you can arrange it
    don’t try to keep bream and bass with goldfish, it won’t work
    they will kill or eat the goldfish

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