How deep does a pond have to be to not freeze?

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Question by christy s: How deep does a pond have to be to not freeze?
I want to make an outdoor pond but am curious as to how deep the pond would have to be for the fish to survive -40 temperatures? It is only this temp a few weeks, at most, during the winter. It wont be a bother to me to bring them inside for the winter but am curious to see if I can leave them out..

Yeah its -40 celcius.. wow i thought It would have to be a lot deeper. Thnx tho

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Answer by Fatmatt30
I dont know? but my nan has one which is about a meter or something, i can ask her later if you like

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  1. Sherry says:

    To keep fish outdoors during the winter near me you need bare minimum of 18 inches (i live in long island) most places need 24 inches. If you mean -40 C then 24 inches is deep enough, if you mean Farenheit then you need at least 3 feet. If you are building a pond from scratch I would go with 3 feet in any of the cases anyway.

  2. Guppy says:

    It has to be VERY deep. I too wanted to make a pond, however what I ended up doing is making a water garden with a cooler. It was horribly cheap to do. It was for white cloud mountain minnows. Here is the way to do it. Dig a whole and then use concrete to shape your pond, then you can even run a pump through to aerate and to make a fountain. I put some water hyacinth and water lettuce in the pond and then ten white clouds. I got a cooler and kept the water cold during the summer and brought the fish in when the water got to be 40 degrees F. I put the white clouds in a ten gallon tank at room temperature for the winter and and put them back out there in the spring. This is just a suggestion, if you want to make a HUGE pond then great, but you either have to bring the fish in or get a heater for the pond. Good luck, and goldfish get REALLY BIG, as do koi.

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