How do I grow an indoor vertical garden in my NY apartment?

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Question by FrancoB411: How do I grow an indoor vertical garden in my NY apartment?
What materials, plants, and watering mechanism would I need to do something like this in my small NY apartment?

Would be on a wall by the window.

Ideally, I’d be able to water it at the bottom and have some form of irrigation system.

The more detail and product names, the better. I intend to build it, but I don’t know where to start.

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Answer by kungdrew
i would think that chicken wire or some sort of small trellis would support it, most importantly you need to know what these plants are, some may be specimens personally harvested off of cliff faces by the artist. you can probably find a good fertilizer recammendation by checking out a garden store that specializes in hydroponics, I am sure you can figure out a homemade recirculating pump/reservior system to keep the nutrients and water flowing over the roots since gravity will be doing half the work. yeah and make sure your window faces south or you won;t have any light in the wintertime. hope you get it built looks really cool, maybe you could incorperate a waterfall and aquarium/pond into it as well. good luck

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  1. weather says:

    pink moon vine is hardy outside in those winters if you want to do something outside. it dies to the ground in the fall. bougainvilleas are perfect except they have thorns, but if you dont go near them the will be great.

    all you need is wires.

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