How do I keep my garden pond clean?

| August 3, 2012 | 11 Comments

Question by chezney_13: How do I keep my garden pond clean?
I have goldfish in the pond also.

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Answer by eugsmail
use a net to clean off all tha dead bugs and leafs

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  1. NuttyRedhead says:


  2. jardin says:

    Keep it clean from leaves and other debris (you could use a net). Also, don’t over feed the fish. The fish food can cloud up the water if you over feed.

  3. glasgow.guy says:

    get some bundles of small hay let it sit in pond take it out after a few days the hay will absorb any dirt or nasties

  4. get real says:

    You can add chemicals that will help keep it clean or you can buy or make something called a hydroclean that suctions crud off the bottom, more work but natural. Go to a pet store that sells fish and tanks or to a place that sells pond equipment. They can give you all the particulars, it’s pretty complicated to explain here. They are right about the extra food and debris it adds amonia to the water.

  5. turk6060 says:


  6. texansis says:

    A good bio-filter. Surface net, and hard work.

  7. bbrown9506 says:

    pond filter of couse, and maybe a skimmer.

    check out my pond blog–has everything and anything you will need to build, and maintain your own backyard pond. Also you can follow along in the archived posts how I built mine, and there are well over a few hundred photos of the build and pond as it has grown over the years. Check it out and let me know what you think! gl

  8. shortysonja7 says:

    CLean it every day.

  9. peter d says:

    pay someone else to do it

  10. sillyatheart3 says:

    look on the net for ponds.. and you will get help..
    It’s Cleaning Time…

    There are two terrific times to give your pond a good, thorough cleaning. One is in Spring and the other is in Fall after the leaves have already fallen. It’s not a task to be taken lightly. It’s wet. It’s dirty. The muck stinks and the bottom of the pond is slippery. Performing a major pond cleaning requires courage to start the ball rolling and a little muscle to get it done.
    ok here is all you need to know…

  11. John C says:

    You need a bio filter suitable for the size of your pond and possibly a UV filter to stop the water turning green. There are also chemical adatives you can put in the water the will kill the algea and increase the health of your fish.

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