How do I make a floating lantern for my garden pond?

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Question by cperreault78: How do I make a floating lantern for my garden pond?
I am looking for some creative help. We are having a fall themed wedding in September ’07 at our home. We have a beautiful pond that will be a backdrop to our ceremony and reception. I would like to put in the pond some floating lanterns (preferebly using candles in them) to let the water sparkle after dark. Unfortunately, we are on a very strict budget, so I was planning on just making them. Would anyone have any creative ideas or know of any websites that could explain or give tips of how to make them?

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Answer by splat
Get a big thick-ish (30-40cm) tree trunk. Chop it into 15 cm bits. Use various tools (hacksaw and a kind of scoopy thing, forgotten what its called) until they look relatively bowl shaped. See it it floats. If not try again. When it floats put a stumpy candle or a few tea light candles in the bottom. There you go. Might require a visit to a timber yard but wood isn’t very expensive. They can probably help with the scoopy thing too!

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  1. Carp says:

    All you need is stryrofoam which pretty much free. Just keep the weight centered in the stryrofoam. Paint the foam black with spray paint. Flat pieces of foam should work well.

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