How do I naturally get rid of all the junk on the bottom of my pond?

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Question by akko_2001: How do I naturally get rid of all the junk on the bottom of my pond?
Hey guys and gals. its me again the guy that wants to put the catfish in my pond. Thaks for all the good advise. If I do not put the catfish in how can I get rid of all the sludge and dead vegitation off of the bottom of the pond. It is a little big to go wading in there and to big to use nets. I am sorry the pond is about 8000 gal 20×20 4 ft deep

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Answer by crazedlunatic29
Outside of catfis or carp, I don’t know that you have any other options.

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  1. s3v3n_sh4d3s_0f_blu3 says:

    why wouldnt you put the catfish in your pond?
    is it not deep enough?
    i missed your previous questions…but
    i have a pond in my yard also
    its a pretty good size, and i personally
    have put a catfish in mine before, he lived for
    about 4 years in it:| along with a few other river
    fish my girls caught fishing that are still in there,
    the only problem ive had in the past was when i put river fish in with koi, they have a river parasite that might make your domestic pond fish sick. other than that i dont see why you cant put him in your pond.

    also about cleaning out your pond slime/algea/guck they do have treatments that are fish friendly to clear up green algea, and there are filters you can buy, if you cant afford a filter, try to find a long tube sock or something along that line… connect it to your hose that punps the water, and change it everyday or two it may help get some out…

    also a pleco CAN go in your pond but youd have to take it out before it gets to cold outside.

    Good Luck

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