How do we take care of our backyard pond/waterfall? It is full of leaves and smelly water.?

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Question by sonnenbergdimples: How do we take care of our backyard pond/waterfall? It is full of leaves and smelly water.?
We just bought our house and it has a beautiful pond/waterfall, only after the winter it isnt beautifulanymore. The previous owners left it with leaves and smelly water, what do we do to make it nice again? We dont want to just pump out the water because it stinks, any solutions?

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Answer by jitterbugjims
the reason the water smells is because it is stagnant.first you want to clean out any leaves and remove any algea that has formed.keep the water moving,that is what the waterfall probably was intended for.if you are not gonna have any fish or plant you can add some chemacals that will clear it up.good luck and check out a local garden supply for ideas on a water garden.some of your concerns may be answered there.

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  1. Angela T says:

    That smell is decomposition.

    Try to avoid using chemicals!

    You really need to clean it out. Get one of those pool cleaner things on a pole, and start scooping. It’s nasty, stinky work.

    If you really want to be earth friendly, take the gunk you’ve scooped and turn it under the soil in your garden. Your plants will be estatic about that decision this summer.

    Make sure your filter is clean, and then start the pump up. You’ll have to clean the filter out a lot.

    And that’s just the beginning! :) If you have algae, that’s a whole different battle but I’d leave it alone until the water stops smelling funky, because it actually feeds on the stuff that makes the water smell funky.

    First get it to smell nice, then work on getting it to look nice.

    Try hanging out in rec.ponds (search on it) – they’ll have you loving your pond in no time.

  2. forestgleaner says:

    they are right, you have to clean it. A healthy pond has moving water, plants, and living things in it.
    first really clean the pond out, if it is a really large pond you may want to hire someone to do it, if it is something you can do yourself, put on some clothing you don’t mind ruining, and dig in.
    You may have to adjust the water filter or pump that you use. It may not be big enough for the pond you are using. I recommend putting in some plants, and some fish. I also recommend that you get a bunch of snails, the snails really do a great job of cleaning.
    In the future, you will need to keep the leaves from building up in the pond. some light netting might help, and trimming back some of the trees. You have to keep taking care of the pond.
    A pond is a beautiful thing when everything works right. They are not that much work, but they can’t be ignored. Check with local landscaping shops, they will have some of the things you need. If you plan on putting in fish, you want to make sure you don’t use anything that will hurt them long term.

  3. travelociti says:

    Take the leaves out and change the water.

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