How has a fish got in my pond? I didn’t put it there!?

| December 24, 2013 | 5 Comments

Question by heypapatooni: How has a fish got in my pond? I didn’t put it there!?
We built a pond in our garden last year,it’s on a hill with no inlet of water at all. We didn’t want any fish until we could afford to buy a pump & filter, but as I was fishing out excess floating duckweed yesterday, I caught a fish! It was about 2″ long and a silver rounded shape. How on earth did it get there! I’ve asked all the nighbours etc. and only one admited putting in a frog! Could eggs really be on birds feet? Some plants came from mums garden pond but she only has goldfish.

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Answer by Marsha L
could be a tadpole

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  1. Josella says:

    A friend with a pond in his garden came home one day and found one of his fish in the driveway and the only thing he could think of was perhaps a bird had swooped down and caught it, and then dropped it as it flew away. So I suppose if a bird can drop a fish outside a pond, it could drop one in there too. I know it sounds unlikely, but who knows? Maybe a bird that can hold things in its bill came down to your pond to see if you had any goodies and accidentally dropped his loot. LOL!

  2. Tutto Bene says:

    Yes, birds, frogs, basically anything that visits your pond could have brought it

  3. bobthebrowser says:

    it’s mine,I wondered where it had got to.Can I have it back please?

  4. tony says:

    I have to say the bird theory is very plausible.

    My fiance was bombarded with a bagel the other day. The bird just couldnt hold onto it any more and dropped the bagel from a couple hundred feet in the air. Where it got the bagel in the first place or what made it think to try and fly away with it I have no idea.

  5. bluetailkinker says:

    Maybe one of the neighbor kids are playing a joke on you. I remember my neighbor came home from work and found 29 feeder gold fish in her lily pond that she wanted for aquatic flowers only. Was she mad having to scare the neighbor’s cats away and nearly break her neck fishing out the little suckers. lol

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