How Many Koi In A Pond?

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Question by Tommy Nguyen: How Many Koi In A Pond?
I have recently made a garden pond that is about 10 feet in length and 12 feet in width its is just a rough estimate and i believe it holds 2,700 Gal. – 3,200 Gal. it is an above ground pond the depth is 6 feet from the bottom to the very top of the pond it is above 2 and a half feet off of ground level so inside should be 4 feet.How many koi can it hold???

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Answer by Erick Valle
Maybe 5-6 koi

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  1. Aquella BSL=BS says:

    If your pond is indeed 10x12x4 feet, then its volume is 3,600 gallons. And, it has a surface area of 120 square feet.
    The “rule of thumb” when stocking koi, is to allow 20-25 square feet of surface area per fish. (Or one square foot of surface area per inch of fish. Koi should grow to be at least 20″ though, so figure 25 square feet per fish, and you’ll be safe.)
    So, in that volume you could safely house about 5 full grown Koi.

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