How much would building a small pond cost?

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Question by Andrew: How much would building a small pond cost?
Im looking into building a small but nice pond. Im thinking a pond about 15×15. Something nice where I can have native North American fish like sunfish and bass. Ive always admired native fish. Never was intrested in koi though. How would I do it? How much would it cost for the supplies. Building isnt a issue. I have a tractor.

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Answer by Al
I made a 15×15 pond in1995, before there were kits in every home center and garden store. Total cost was under $ 500. I basically made a concrete dish in the ground, using ready mix Quickcrete. To make it waterproof, painted it with UGL waterproof paint. That was 17 years ago and it still looks good and neighbors love it. To add air to the water, I installed a waterfall on one end. It’s just a mound of rock and dirt with a hidden sump pump to circulate the water. The pump takes the water from the pond and pushes it through a hose to the top of the mound where it falls freely about three feet back to the surface of the pond. ( Hummingbirds are fascinated by it also ) Birds come down to drink, and the sound of the waterfall adds a nice effect to the garden. Over the years I have added: low growing evergreens, white rock, a small stream..complete with a miniature foot bridge, lighting, and a gazebo. The beauty of this project is that it never ends! It’s always evolving and growing ( as time and money allow ) We call our little haven “Angels’ Rest”, and there is always something to do, add, or enjoy. Feeders, wind chimes, benches, pretty rocks, a weather vane, it’s only limited by your imagination. It really is a nice serene place to sit in the evenings. You’ll enjoy yours too!

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  1. Chris says:

    I go to Mario from he is Great he knows everything about ponds.If you are in Canada check him out. he also will ship pond supplies to the states.

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