How to Build a Koi Pond – Part 1 ( by Pondguru )

| February 11, 2012 | 34 Comments

Part 1 of a koi pond I constructed at Durham in North East England in 2011. The video explains the various stages and tasks involved in making the design function properly while ensuring that the system is easily maintainable. The total gallonage is 3000 (UK) which equates to approx. 14000 litres. Filter is a Nexus 210, UV is an Evo 55 watt and the pump is an Aquamax Eco 8000. Part 2 explains how the filter system works, how the path and decking were constructed and has finished video of the pond, deck and garden once it was cleared up.
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Mike Gannon The Pond Hunter, of Full Service Aquatics, guides you through a step-by step process of the installation of an indoor koi pond located in Martinsville, NJ. This pond video features the complete project before and after with commentary by the Pond Hunter. The indoor pond has rockwork, waterfall, koi, lighting, and a complete filtration system. Middlesex county, NJ pond Somerset coutny, NJ water garden services. Thanks for watching THE POND HUNTER video series, and please visit our official sites! http


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  1. pondguru says:

    I would do the pond but not sure what my wife would say about me marrying someone else seeing as I’m not a religious nutjob. Unless your profile picture is of someone else, you are a dude and I haven’t given much thought to ever being married to a guy although all the gay male couples I know all seem to have good careers and do much better than the gay women couples I’ve ever met.
    Thanks for watching.

  2. jazil82 says:

    @pondguru will you marry me?? i need a big koi pond for my garden… u doing amazing job.. Love it!!!.. :-)

  3. hooray4poop says:

    great job

  4. pondguru says:

    Tilapia would survive about 2 weeks in the summer in the UK.

  5. TheBigjay927 says:

    Koi? put in some Tilapia and get a return on your money.

  6. toob247 says:

    @TheMbuck101 Fuckin ‘ell u’ve gota boring comment

    p.s. Nice pond 

  7. superflyenglishvegan says:

    @pondguru It’s really not that bad. It’s nice and deep. Like a reliable sort of fellow.

  8. MegaFishfarm says:

    they have some nice fish here, ive been getting mine at meadow view fish farm in Mancheter UK, they are very competitive with some very very nice fish available.

  9. pondguru says:

    Yes, yes I have.
    I appreciated you taking time out of your busy schedule to make that valuable comment.
    Thanks for watching.

  10. TheMbuck101 says:

    Fucking hell you’ve got a boring voice.

  11. Nsx25 says:

    Hi, I have a pond using a pond Liner and I don’t know how to add a bottom drain when using a pond liner. Do you have any videos of “How to” or can you give me advice of installing a bottom drain to Liner.

  12. pondguru says:

    Temperature does make a hell of a difference to how much the fish want to feed and how easily they can digest the high protein food.

  13. Nsx25 says:

    Its crazy today my pond was at 49degrees and I warmed it up to 60 and 5 hrs later i fed them and they went CRAZY! for food.

  14. Nsx25 says:

    @pondguru thank you! I will be heating my 400 gal pond at 60 degrees F. This entire winter.

  15. pondguru says:

    Fish will feed at above 8 degrees C but only be able to digest high protien food when the water is above 16 degrees C.

  16. pondguru says:

    You can get bottom drains for liner. They will have a flanged connector, fixing ring and thick rubber seal (washer).

  17. Nsx25 says:

    @pondguru Do you know if it is possible to add a bottom drain if I am using liner as the pond? Would I have to cut a hole in my liner? My pump can suck in small waste but not the bigger ones so I am thinking about adding a bottom drain if that is what it takes.

  18. Nsx25 says:

    @pondguru Well I just bought a heater it costed me around 600.00 so I will give it a shot. Do you know if there is a correct temperature to heat up the pond or is there not?

  19. pondguru says:

    Some peole heat the water but that costs a fortune. Part 2 of this video explains the bypass system which should avoid chilling the water.

  20. Skulexander says:

    @cocooreo100 yeah, i figured. tried to delete that post. but then, what bout the door at 2:20?

  21. cocooreo100 says:

    @Skulexander the light in the room was turned off

  22. Skulexander says:

    anyone else notice the door was closed, then suddenly open at 2:20 ?

  23. DontFriendInviteMe says:

    @squareenixfreak1 do a video search for “aquaponics”. With the right fish to plant ratio, you can make little areas in the edges of the rocks ahead of time and grow a multitude of plants.

  24. Lex90210 says:

    How deep is it? Cause it doesn’t look like they have very much room to swim

  25. thePondHunter says:

    @squareenixfreak1 Hi, thanks for commenting and checking out the videos. Well, yes, it is possible but you would need some really good lighting for hen and chicks. Aquatic plants would do ok, with some GREAT indoor lighting, otherwise I’d stick to low light house plants for a location like this. This does not get much light other than artificial. The pond is now decorated with all sorts of plants along the edge, but they are all indoor tropical house plants.

  26. squareenixfreak1 says:

    Amazing job and seems to be a reasonable price. Question though, is it possible to grow aquatic plants in this or maybe even like hens and chicks in between the rocks near the waterfall? I would love to dress it up in some plants.

  27. thePondHunter says:

    @LukeKoman Hi Luke, thanks for checking out the vids a project like this can easily have a range of 5K to 7K or more.

  28. LukeKoman says:

    how much does something like that cost, i want it in my basement

  29. imnodoubtflatout says:

    im considering creating a small one in my bedroom but to keep piranhas in and would have and amazong rainforest feel to it, posibly with some frogs. i would also use wood instead of bricks, nice job!

  30. thePondHunter says:

    @SkitzerPoindexter Hey thanks for your comment and checking out the vids. You’re totally right. I may even change the name of this video to “HOW TO INSTALL A DISAPPEARING DOOR” might get more views, ha! take care mike go to my face book page too /thepondhunter

  31. SkitzerPoindexter says:

    Pond looks great! (although I’m not sure about the waterfall light. But then I’m not the customer)
    The video is very informative, and your responses to people’s questions are very helpful.
    Unfortunately, you put all this work in and that “Magic Door” steals the show!

  32. thePondHunter says:

    @iamwhoiam73 I got a response for ya. What about the pond? Did you like it? This is a pond video. This “medical center” has already changed hands twice and it is currently a spa that does nails/massage/beauty treatments. So thriving it was not!! but the pond is still there and looking good!

  33. iamwhoiam73 says:

    “thriving” and “medical center” used in the same sentence LMAO!!!

    More people(thousands upon thousands) are killed by doctors and their prescriptions every year, than are killed by murder and DUI’s.

    Go to the FBI’s own website and search their statistics. People should NOT worry about DUI drivers or homicides…they should be worried about “thriving medical centers”…seriously!

    Before you say anything bad to me, check the statistics, THEIR OWN STATISTICS. After that
    I accept all responses

  34. thePondHunter says:

    @5thdartfordscouts Thanks for watching and commenting! I think when the koi outgrow this pond my customer will probably transfer them to a larger housing. Hopefully he will contract with me to build it too!

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