How to Build a Wildlife Pond – Complete pond building video by Pondguru

| March 29, 2013 | 19 Comments

For pond supplies: 01661844005 This is a compilation video of a 6 part series I uploaded a while back showing every stage…
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  1. pondguru says:

    Well best of luck with that, man.

  2. 23fairplay says:

    this is a test for a bigger project, I can’t explain everything as the comments are too short, the pond will help regulate the temp of dome & vica versa, cold spring water & shaded in the summer, also high up so always cool in the evening, only the deep part is in the dome, the rest of pond is outside, 8000 litres in all, it is quite well researched and based on working models, main thing is that normally wildlife & aquaculture aren’t mixed while I want to mix them as part of a permaculture farm

  3. Shane Kluin says:

    a nice pond i like

  4. pondguru says:

    Thanks for watching and appreciating the video.

  5. zuzilda says:

    The best How-do video on youtube ever! Great job building and explaning everything!

  6. pondguru says:

    The pond is way too small for trout and it will get too warm for them inside a greenhouse in spring / summer / autumn. Carp species including goldfish don’t need so much oxygen so will be better suited to warmer shallow water. Can’t quite understand the dimensions you’ve given so I may be telling you wrong information. Please clarify max dimensions of pond.

  7. 23fairplay says:

    hi pondguru, cheers for the videos, I have a project which is aquaculture + wildlife, pond is 2m wide and 1m deep steeping up in 3 steps to 0.4m deep and 3m at shallow end, 5m long with a 0.2m ledge, the deep part is inside a dome greenhouse, do you think it is possible to mix the two, I need at least a couple of goldfish that can get everywhere to eat mosquito larvae, but can design it to limit access to shallows for the trout, I could of done a wildlife pool and an indoor basin but prefer one

  8. pondguru says:

    No worries, man. Thanks for watching and appreciating.

  9. nandoarbe says:

    Eres un maestro. Felicitaciones

  10. pondguru says:

    I’ve got such a poor memory I can never remember once a few months pass but one of the earlier comments has a chance to have a rough figure in.

  11. Nathan Collins says:

    TOP JOB!! How much do u charge for something like this?

  12. pondguru says:

    No worries, thanks for watching and appreciating.

  13. DaemonSeeker1 says:

    Super informative video. Thanks for spending thr time to film it. =)

  14. pondguru says:

    Cement will be fine but ideally should be painted with a suitable paint to prevent lime leaching out and harming the fish. Check out ‘How to build a koi pond – part 1’ you will see the process of building a block / brick / rendered pond.

  15. Ibrahim Mohammed says:

    I am planning to construct a pond where I can stock tilapia fish, is it advisable to cement for that since the lining material and polyester are not readily available here (Nigeria). Gratitude for the great videos.

  16. pondguru says:

    If the water is clear, I’d leave it natural and try to remove the duckweed. Assuming the pond is a reasonable size you could put a few grass carp in there to control the duckweed once you get it mostly removed.

  17. MrRoadkill282002 says:

    We just moved and right nex to the house is a natural pond. Covered in duck weed and seen a couple of turtles slide off in there. I want a garden pond. Should I leave this natural or drain and line it? I few feet down is clay.

  18. pondguru says:

    If I am anywhere the near the area in spring or summer I will call in as I’d like to see it mature too.
    Thanks for watching.

  19. acecabos says:

    Wow great pond sir! Would love to see the latest update with lush flora and fauna.

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