How to Build a Wildlife Pond: Part 2 – Installing the Liner

| May 13, 2012 | 11 Comments

Watch in HD. Series of videos showing the construction of a large wildlife pond at a school in Gosforth, Newcastle (North East England). The pond will have beach area, dipping platform and hibernaculum and will be planted with native plants. This video shows how we install the underlay and liner. Since the ground is very rocky and full of trash, laying a liner is more difficult than with a good soil base and therefore more care is needed before the liner can be laid. The next video in the series shows the installation of the walling stone around the pond edge.
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Paul Gettis, Owner of Custom Stone & Waterscapes Located in Calgary, Alberta shows The ‘How To’ of Laying your own Pavers. Paul shows a simple but effective video on how to lay paving using techniques This is step 3. Paul Gettis has been Design Calgary Landscapes for many years. Landscape Construction activities include building ponds, waterfalls, gardens, lighting, irrigation and essentially anything you need done in your yard.
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  1. pondguru says:

    As mentioned in part 1, this was dug by the school contrator whoi did a great job with a digger. There are quite a few of my pond job videos where I am using a digger but most of the time we dig the smaller ones by hand.

  2. Geschaefer02 says:

    Do you dig the holes by hand?
    I never see any machinery.

  3. pondguru says:

    ..and thats the nearest I get to any form of dancing…..

  4. 21sKratcherr says:


  5. turelsut1 says:

    Thank you Sir Very kind of you.
    Have a great week.

  6. pondguru says:

    Yeah, no worries man.

  7. turelsut1 says:

    I know it is not related to your subject much but I thought you may like my video .
    Thank you for allowing my video to you video
    Best regards


  8. pondguru says:

    I do tend to work in the shop (Tyne Valley Aquatics) when I can’t get out landscaping.

  9. BudaPond101 says:

    you should build indoor aquariums too then, then youd be occupied all year long!

  10. pondguru says:

    It is really starting to come together now. I should upload part 4 tomorrow PM.

  11. 007vauxhall says:

    Nice quality job, the School will be well chuffed! :-)

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