How to encourage wildlife into a pond?

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Question by Megan Isobel: How to encourage wildlife into a pond?
I live in south yorkshire, UK and I have quite small pond in my garden. Ive only just built it a couple of days ago and it basically has a shallow bit, a sloping side and then a deep bit but even the deep bit is quite shallow because its only a little pond. Ive put a little mud in the deep bit, some gravel in the shallow end, a plastic plantpot with a hole in it for frogs to go into in the deep bit, some rocks and two other plastic plantpots with holes around the pond. I found two frogs earlier today that were stuck in this hole in the ground, they were gonna die cause they couldnt get out so i scooped them up and popped them next to my pond, one jumped in the water and one went into the plantpot next to the pond and i just left them alone and ive just gone and looked and both of them are still hanging around the pond which is good. two frogs is a good start but is there any other ways i can attract wildlife to the pond? also there are some plants around the pond, lots of bushes and ivy which ive found out frogs quite like.

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Answer by pondlady
The wildlife will come. To attract more as the cold weather arrives, read this:

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  1. Ray Balthazar says:

    Not to worry your pond will not remain a void.

  2. annie says:

    It will take time for the wild life to find it’s way to your pond but it will do in time just be patient. It sounds like you have made a good start with your pond, creatures need to be able to get in and out and also need cover to be able to hide from large birds and cats.
    Good luck and keeps us posted.

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