how to hook up sea horse pump to pond waterfall?

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Question by biz_e_gurl: how to hook up sea horse pump to pond waterfall?
We bought a house with a beautiful pond and water garden in back…. I know nothing about the up keep of a pond. After hours of research we finally figured out how to pump the pond out for cleaning. The previous owners also left behind a really decent high power sea horse pump for the waterfall, again I have no clue on how to hook it up. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks!

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Answer by No stress
Depends on the size of the pump. Most are submersible,and sit on the bottom of the pond, suck in water, Then it flows out through the other side that is fit into a pipe leading to the waterfall. Usually, the electrical wire is plugged into a nearby GFI receptacle. Sometimes the plug is removed and hard wired directly into a timer.

Clean the filter regularly.

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  1. Jeey says:

    Set up a solar pump is cool, it save energy.

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