How To Install A Garden Pond

| February 3, 2012 | 15 Comments

Mike Gannon of Full Service Aquatics and THE POND HUNTER video series presents a pondumentary about a pond installation that took place in Point Pleasant, New Jersey. This pond installation how to video walks you through the entire pond installation from pond excavation, pond liner and underlayment installation to pond filter system, rockwork installation and submersible lighting system installation. Brief description of landscape installation is included as well. Thanks for watching THE POND HUNTER video series, and please visit our official sites! http
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This is a video of pictures of backyard ponds sent in by visitors of
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  1. thePondHunter says:

    @spinaway thank you!!

  2. thePondHunter says:

    @TJBAU I bet Utah has got quite a bit of beauty to keep you busy out there in Utah! thanks for watching.

  3. thePondHunter says:

    @BestFreeAndroidGames The pump in this pond is a high efficiency pump and costs about $25 to run.

  4. spinaway says:

    Another Great Pond Mike, well done.

  5. TJBAU says:

    point pleasant, nj… wow i miss it so much some times specially that i moved to Utah i don’t get to see the ocean anymore.

  6. BestFreeAndroidGames says:

    Does anybody know what it costs (approximately) to run an electric electric water pump like this one every day all day long?

  7. thePondHunter says:

    @pjos111 Thanks for commenting! I know a guy who builds in Ireland if you need someone, he is very good. OR, I could always make the trip to Ireland. My family roots are Irish, we were from Dublin and County Wexford. I hope to see Ireland someday, and if I was building a pond there well that would be all the better! -PH

  8. pjos111 says:

    Great Job if you were in Ireland I would be giving you a call.

  9. thePondHunter says:

    @AustinTexasLandscape Hi thanks for checking out the vids. A pond this size would typically run about $4500.00 to $5200.00, but that can very from site to site.

  10. AustinTexasLandscape says:

    whats the price on this one ball park of course

  11. Gregmills007 says:

    All types of Landscaping, Gardens, Ponds, Lawns, Maintenance Services and Supplies, Snow Removal, Residential and Commercial at GEOTech Landscaping. Log on to geotechlandscapes-dot-com . Call us at 1-780-444-8555 or drop us an email at inquiries-at-geotechlandscapes-dot-com for a free consultation.

  12. thePondHunter says:

    @jorgesarduysousa  Hi Jorge, for this project I used a 15 X 20 liner that was oversized for the project. I always try to go a bit oversized so I have roome to be creative if I want. The excess liner is cut away and recycled within the project as protection for under the bigger rocks that I use. thanks for commenting and visit me on facebook/thepondhunter too! -PH

  13. thePondHunter says:

    @IntegraGSR5 Hey Integra, if I can help in any way let me know! I look forward to seeing that pond when it is built. Visit me on facebook/thepondhunter too! -PH

  14. jorgesarduysousa says:

    what size of liner did you use?

  15. Luwangli says:

    2.07 is awesome

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