How to kill mosquitoe larva in my backyard pond???

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Question by x06734: How to kill mosquitoe larva in my backyard pond???
We just opened up our outside pond. But now I find a lot of mosquitoe larva in it. Will fish help kill these guys because I don’t want a home for mosquitoes.
I have added four fish in the pond today. Will these disk kill the fish? And also the water isn’t moving, should I get the waterfall moving?

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Answer by Christine
I heard that mosquitos dislike the smell of marigolds!

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  1. tangerine says:

    At Lowes, where they keep the weedkiller and such, you can get these little discs that you put in the water and they kill mosquito larva.

  2. Cheech says:


  3. RaBert says:

    Just squish it!

  4. snake man says:

    well if you just want to kill mosgutoes you mite whant to pute ice in it. I dont realy know.

  5. MumOf4 says:

    Ask the pet shop for frog pond fish. They will eat the mosquito larvae, but leave the tadpoles alone. Pacific blue eye is the only one of these species that I can think of right now. (I’m in Australia.)

  6. Alice K says:

    If you have fish, yes, they’ll eat the mosquito larvae. If you don’t have fish, pour some bleach in the water. That’s what I do with my rain barrel.

  7. lowerbearville says:

    Fish will eat a lot of them, as will frogs and dragonflies, but you are going to need more help than that.

    There are a couple of effective methods:
    1)You can drain it.
    2)Get some of those little round larvae killers available at Home Depot, etc, and use them.

    Most importantly, keep your grass mowed. The longer you let it get, the more problem you will have with mosquitoes. If your pond is far from the house, put a Mosquito Magnet or Mosquito Deleto or similar product between your house and the pond.

    Good luck. I hate moquitoes.

  8. yahoooo! says:

    You have to drain it and dry it. You have to (I did on mine) soap it , scrub it, and remove the slimy substance that develop on the wall and at the bottom. Rinse it very very well and make sure it won’t bubble with soap so that fish will not die when you put them back at the fond.. Then maintain it periodically. I do this 3x a year and i never had any mosquito and my fish are happy. None of them died yet. Hope this help.

  9. yahweh550 says:

    I purchased some mosquito fish and the eat up the little invaders.

    Don’t know how fish to suggest you buy. It would depend on the size of your pool.

    I started with 6. They reproduce.

  10. Cheryl says:

    If you don’t have fish or turtles, then add bleach, about a cup. If you go to Wal-Mart in the garden department they sell these white disk that you put in the pond to keep mosquito’s from breeding

  11. mustang03282 says:

    if you have problems with misquotos put small cups of lemmon dish soap around your yard the misquotos will fly into it and drown

  12. Jackie B says:

    Mosquitos will not hatch in moving water. Do you have a pond pump in it? That or you can pour vegetable oil in the water. They can’t escape through the oil.

    Edit to Add: Yes definately get your waterfall moving. I have a pond as well with a waterfall and I don’t have any issue with mosquitos.
    Good Luck!!

  13. smartwillie says:

    Some fish and tadpoles will eat larva. The traditional treatment is a thin layer of oil on the water. The “surface tension” changes and larva cannot breathe through the thin layer of oil. I expect some kind of environmental friendly oil, such as corn oil, olive oil, etc. would also work but be more costly.

  14. grannygrunt28391 says:

    Your fish will eat some of them
    …………..Mosquito Dunks………………….
    I use this in the garden pond if the fish can’t eat the mosquitos fast enough!
    It is safe and environmentally sound because it is highly selective, killing mosquitoes and black flies.

    ………………..Mosquito Bits ………………….

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    Mosquito Bits kill fast – within 24 hours – before mosquitoes are old enough to bite.

    Quick Kill large mosquito populations.
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    Simply sprinkle in any standing water – including water gardens.
    Will not harm domestic animals or wildlife of any kind.
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    Available in 30 oz.

  15. deb says:

    They sell mosquito eating fish. Mosquitos only occur in water that isnt moving so yes get the waterfall going.

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