How to prepare my koi fish pond?

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Question by Christian: How to prepare my koi fish pond?
Ok, im 13, my parents are buying a house that has a koi fish pond. the small pond has a fountain that sucks the water from the end of the pond and spits it out at the front of the pond. The water is pretty dirty, unclear, and shallow. any tips, ideas, etc.? I need to know about food, how to clean it, and all that jazz.

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Answer by Enlim
Go to a big pet store or a garden centre that does fish. They will most likely to be able to sell you a proper filter for the pond, the water fountain wont provide any filtration. I am guessing you will need to cycle the filter (leave it running in the pond without any fish for about 8/9 weeks but I would Google it as I have no idea, I am just guessing). You will not need a filter unless the pond is HUGE (I am talking about over 10000 gallons) But get advice from a pet store and get advice from google etc.

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  1. Docar says:

    Best bet would be to drain the pond, clean everything, check for a filter (needed no matter what size pond you have) and check the pump. Without knowing the exact specifics I will generalize.

    1) install a filter and pump (two pumps can be installed, one for the filter and the other for the fountain if you want. Our ponds have this two pump setup)

    2) fill with water and treat the water to eliminate chlorine or chloramine.

    3) test water with a test kit or test strips.

    4) Cycle the pond. (

    5) Add fish and plants (NOT the types that the fish will eat up on you).

    6) Continue to test the water and adjust if needed (our ponds have never needed to be adjusted)

    Good Luck!

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