How were ponds kept clean in the old days?

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Question by Dam it all: How were ponds kept clean in the old days?
I see many pictures of old gardens with these small ponds that even have fish in them. But how were they kept clean and the fish live in the old days when they didn’t seem to have a good filter system O_O

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Answer by whitney
Fish live in ponds in the wild, and there is no filtering system. I think outside, when a pond like that is big enough, the natural ecosystem that forms in the water balances the algae and keeps it oxygen rich. I’m not sure, though.
I used to clean an outdoor pond just by removing a few buckets of water at a time, and adding clean ones. This is also a good method for in between fish bowl cleanings.

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  1. fluffernut says:

    The systems weren’t closed, often water flowed in and back out. Natural vegetation and fish population were in “balanced”, not static, but balanced.

    Of course there was also a full time gardener whose job it was to much out algae if things got out of balance……especially before pictures were taken.

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