How would you decorate your garden?

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Question by missy: How would you decorate your garden?
I have just finished building a cedar 8’x8′ garden shed. I have a trellus with foilage on it north west of the shed about 5′ from corner. My house is about 15′ north of the shed. I would like to decorate the ground with plants and a walkway to door on shed(north side of shed). Lots of shade with little sun on north and evening sun on west of shed. Any suggestioins?

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Answer by texasgal_n_ga
Hey there, go to and go to landscapers challenge. They have lots of ideas for your yard…it really depends on the person and what you want to do. Good luck and have fun! =)

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    I love daylilies. My yard has many many dayliles. I also have lilacs, bridal veil, and flocks. My front yard has canna, rose of sharon, and spiderworts. On the shady side I have hosta.

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