I have a small water garden. Every time that I add a water lily the raccoon invades Is it the water lily?

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Question by pondbuilder: I have a small water garden. Every time that I add a water lily the raccoon invades Is it the water lily?
Is there something about the water lily that is attracting raccoons to trash my water garden/fish pond. when there is no water lily the coons leave the fish and pond along?

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Answer by bookworm9284
Maybe she’s using it to freshen up for a date!

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  1. s_paulikas says:

    I’d say the water lily is offering the fish a hiding place and the raccoon knows this and is fishing. Have you lost many fish? Also water lilies are food for the raccoons.

  2. Nancy D says:

    OOOHHHHHHHHH YEA They R noisy Lil’ fellows and they like water lily’s, It can get 2 U … I know, I have a friend that has a raccoon for a pet. fun to watch them, but I would never have one myself, U can put a wire mesh over the water garden, Who Knows if nothing else it will make them work for the lily’s and take longer to get into them. that may help to get after them with a broom or some thing.
    BUT, Please Don’t Hurt them. they R a creature of God”
    ***********Good Look ! ******************

  3. ashliekeylon says:

    Have you tried planting marigolds all around the pond? We had a similar problem, but also with chipmunks, and the marigolds really helped. If you’re not familiar with them, they are small orange-yellow flowers with an unusual scent. You can get them quite cheaply at any store that sells flowers. They repel deer and most outdoor animals.

  4. cyndi b says:

    the water garden is giving the racoon a place to wash their hands!its not really the lily!the garbage is what is attracting them,they are scavengers!they always wash their hand before they eat,so they go to the water garden to do it and the lily is probably in the way!try moving the lily to a different spot or try putting in a fake one and see what happens!

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