I have sm outdoor garden/pond with a large bullfrog & several large 5-10″ goldfish. Can I add a turtle?

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Question by nosal5: I have sm outdoor garden/pond with a large bullfrog & several large 5-10″ goldfish. Can I add a turtle?
My bullfrog and goldfish have lived in the pond ( @200 gallons) year round (in PA) for about 2 years and Id really like to add either a turtle or salamanders/newts. What would be a good pet to add?

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Answer by toni m
go for it ! i wont be a problem

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  1. Bonsylar says:

    It depends on the species.
    I highly recommend doing some research and try to find a native species that are used to the climate in your area. Also find out about laws protecting native species. You don’t want to be fined or anything.

    If you can’t find a native, do still more research and find one that will survive a cold winter.

    You also need to know what they need to hibernate. Some of them will dig holes, others need leaf litter/compost heap like structures.

    I think a turtle will be very happy in your pond, just make sure the goldfish are too big for it to eat.

  2. mushroom says:

    don’t get a trutle they like to eat fish

  3. Behaviorist says:

    I discourage it! Your pond is already overpopulated.

    Turtles require a large filtration system because they are quite messy. Your water will be polluted all the time unless you have a big enough filter to handle the turtle poop. They also eat in the water and the food they don’t eat, if not eaten by the fish, etc. will rot making the water gross.

  4. Crawdude1995 says:

    Get crayfish thew will eat the extra food and eat the dead fish so they dont rot in the pond. And then you could get a turle. the crayfish will clean up after it. and if you wanted, you could be able to get a nother bull frog, because if it gets over populated the crayfish will eat some of the extra frogs or fish.
    get a small catfish too.

  5. Brian W says:

    A turtle would be fine if it is a small turtle.

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