I want to start a fish pond service company?

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Question by Pond Digger: I want to start a fish pond service company?
I have a small utility tractor with front loader and backhoe. I used to do a lot of landscaping, but business is way off.
I want to dig fish ponds as part of my services. I need info about supplies and equipment needed after the hole is dug.
Are the things requiring an electrician or plumber? How about the expertise to get the livestock in?
Can anyone suggest a good book or two? Thanks.
In the winter, I do snow removal, but want to take care of indoor fish as well, as I always find myself doing some lousy job between November and March.

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Answer by LoreleiSkye
Have you ever put a pond in/taken a pond out? If not- go on a pond tour in your area, talk to those that have. Get ideas for what a good working pond looks like. What equipment the pond owners want/recommend.

First mistake most contractors I talked to made was not knowing the different requirements between a koi pond, a goldfish pond, and a water garden.

Legal stuff:
– You will need to have all utility lines marked before you start digging.
– Check to see if there are any permits you need to have to add this service, as well as the local ordinances for water features
– Before you put in a pond for anyone- be sure they have permission from their homeowners association (if one is present) in their hands first.
– Have proof of your own insurance and liability

– Most ponds need a GFI box or two within 7-10 feet of the pond line to run pumps, fountains, UV lights, ground lights…
– Look into solar options as much as possible for pond lighting- saves outlet space and electricity.
– Plumbing really depends on if you’re installing liner or concrete ponds.

Services/equipment/other supplies:
– Offer three options: install the whole pond from scratch; upgrade/improvement on existing water features; and pond removal.
– Include in your pricing the difference it the homeowner supplies all pond equipment (liner, pump…) i.e. you just provide the labor
– I’m guessing, as a landscaper you have contracts with landscape rock places- if not, you’ll want one.
– Also look into plantings and borders around the pond, as well as plants that go in the pond.

Fish stock- is where things get tricky. I’d suggest get a contract going with a local koi/goldfish breeder. Wait a week or two between pond setup and introducing fish. Ponds need a chance to ‘cycle’ just like aquariums.

Winter services:
– Most people can winter over the fish in the pond with the right equipment
– But you could offer aquarium-cleaning services year round.
– Other odd jobs/handyman services; indoor painting, hole in wall repair, hauling and set up of kit furniture, bathroom/kitchen installation/upgrades, odd jobs around the house etc, winterizing houses- hanging plastic over windows (removal in the spring)… and so on.

~Hope any of this helps as a starting point

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