If you were a GARDEN,how would you love your layout to be like?

| May 23, 2014 | 10 Comments

Question by AlexanderTheGreat: If you were a GARDEN,how would you love your layout to be like?
Let’s say you are a garden and you wish that everybody would admire you…………………
Thank you and have a nice garden.
to be liked,sorry

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Answer by me.
lots of colors/scents/types of flowers
lots of gazebos… and founatoins

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  1. INFINITY says:

    Just laid will be fine

  2. Lefty says:

    Shaped like the United States..every state would have a different plant or flower

  3. XX Sweetie XX says:

    concrete with low maintenance everyone would admire that x

  4. no_id420 says:

    cucumbers and bananas only

  5. faris j says:

    a typical french garden…
    i saw valentino garden on television and it was beautiful for words!!!with lavender and roses…and mazes…i love mazes…better yet…make me his garden = )

  6. sweety says:

    covered with beautiful roses….


  7. The Chair Wizard VII says:

    Lush and green

  8. Hiro S. says:

    A giant rectangle

    Top right to have a bunh f beautiful flowers.
    Middle to have a fountain.
    A beeautiful gate in bottom.
    A giant pond on the left of my garden and a lot of fences on top to protect it. Many garden protecting things and also have a beautiful view of the outside world.

  9. mighty mike says:

    If I would be a garden there would be lots of colorful flowers, trees surrounds it and a little place where people could spend their time talking with their love ones or just make the kids stroll for there would be play things in the garden for them

  10. alex says:

    If I would be a garden it would look like you are in the carebear palace, lots of colorful flowers and birds are free to fly over it, there would be gren grass and pine trees would be there to add aroma to the air, little benches for couples who wants to stare at ease other, swings and slides for the kids to play, a sacred place wherein people could pray and a wishing well for couples to wish for their happy future that would be me the garden

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