I’m working on a novel and I have never written a novel before, can you help me out?

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Question by The Dreamer: I’m working on a novel and I have never written a novel before, can you help me out?
This is what I got so far, this is the Prologue. Is this a good start, what can I do to make it better?

It was the start of Spring, as the rose buds started to bloom in my garden and the sweet incense of fresh flowers filled the morning air. I’ve always loved this garden even when I was a little girl. I remembered when my mother planted the very first roses in this garden; I was just barely 5, I remember it like it was yesterday. Just like every other child around that age, I too had an imaginary friend, but her name was Trinity. She was my only friend for I had no real friends, but every time I stepped into the garden, it became my play ground, my castle, and anything I wanted it to be. It was my place of peace and I didn’t care that I had no real friends as long as I was in my mother’s garden.
I remembered the angel statue in the center of this garden. My mother told me that if I was ever lost, that that angel statue a statue of a little girl would guide me home. That angel statue was specially made to look like me when I was that little girl. My mother told me that that angel is my guardian angel and that this garden is a place for me to feel safe. I go to this garden every morning, to sit down on the bench by the angel statue near the pond and read some of my favorite poems by Robert Frost and T.S. Eliot. Just like my garden, my name is Serenity Rose and this is the day that I die.

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Answer by The Undefeatable
Far too repetitive – you are clearly out of your depth. Just like with your poetry.

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  1. Milieu says:

    Read the classics, read Dickens, Cervantes, a few thousand pages of good short stories, find some books on writing by good writers. Any story by Munro or Shields will be a learning experience. Read, read, read and you may have an idea how to write.

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