In a difference between a pond pump and a statue pump?

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Question by thisisonlyatest: In a difference between a pond pump and a statue pump?
I have a separate external filter, I just need a new pump for my pond. Is there a difference between a pond pump and an outdoor statuary pump seeing as how I already have the filter?
Thank you. I am trying to create a 1 foot waterfall for my pond, so maybe I do need a statue pump.

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Answer by Andrew
In marketing you may see these terms use interchangeably. But there is a difference .

Statuary pumps need to pump water up several feet (and through small piping), and generally the flow is low. Pressure (feet of head) is critical, flow sometimes is.

Pond pumps need to move a lot of water (piping is generally larger), but may not need more that 1 foot of elevation. Flow is critical, pressure(feet of head) sometimes is.

Flow rate and pressure are interrelated: Google “centrifugal pump curve”

What kind of filter do you have? Please describe.

A 1 foot waterfall at very low gpm – a cheap stature pump that will go to about 3 feet max will be fine. But a long 1 foot waterfall will need more water to look good.

With a crude mock-up, use your garden hose, a 5g bucket, and a watch and you can figure out a desireable flowrate with pretty good accuracy.

Note: if your filter pump has a pressurized discharge, and you only need a little water, you might be able to tap off it for a small fountain.

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  1. Pytr Pytr says:

    pumps are all different, they are rated for flow rate at various head/heights.
    you do not need anything super special for going up 1 foot, that’s not very high.
    but a long pipe or going up high has to be figured into the calculation for what pump you need.
    you may want to get a bigger pump than you need and add a three way valve arrangement so that the pump can run a fountain, or something to add water movement to the pond.

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