Is it possible to sell garden pond koi?

| August 24, 2012 | 4 Comments

Question by Wendy: Is it possible to sell garden pond koi?
I have two large ghost koi, which are now too big for the pond. They haven’t bred, so must be the same sex. I think they might be worth a bit, so would like to sell. I never see any ads for this kind of thing. As far as I can tell, they are perfectly healthy, and always have been.

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Answer by Blabbermouthknowitall
you can sell your KOI for so much on Ebay, list it on ebay with tons of pics and info.
The highest I’ve seen was $ 1790.00

Good luck

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  1. yourpastlifelover says:

    Yes, you can sell them if you wish. Try placing an ad in your local newspaper.

    It is not legal to sell koi on Ebay; the rule there is that you cannot sell anything that is alive.

  2. plum1955 says:

    try a pet shop to see how much they are
    then put a ad in a paper

  3. Whistler R says:

    If the price is right you will be able to sell anything !
    Try your local Pet Store.

  4. glacial_goddess says:

    yes it is possible to sell them
    i knew someone who sells kois
    which he raised in his garden pond
    you might as well take photos of them and post in the
    internet or you could sell it to pet shops…(but pet shops will buy it from you for a very cheap price)

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