Is it possible to use a garden pond for hydroponics?

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Question by Texas fountain.: Is it possible to use a garden pond for hydroponics?
Well winter is a little late for 2010, and a little early for 2011. Any horticultural activity not under the controlled environment that a greenhouse would be a failure and a waist of time but wanting to plane next years growing season. I have a backyard pond. If the water were treated for micro-organisms, Could I us it for hydroponics? Why or why not?

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Answer by gollum or outrider
Hydroponics uses very shallow trays with flowing water as a growing medium for lettuce etc, so a pond would not be very practical for hydroponics.
If the pond is big enough it could be used for aquaculture like growing carp or other commercial fish species.

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  1. Lene O says:

    The idea of hydroponics is without soil, and with specifically controlled nutrients, so the pond is not a substitute.
    If you have a pump and can keep the water clean and moving gently, you can grow watercress- check the supermarket prices to see if it is worth it in your area.

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